The research question

Learning objectives

This topic identifies the process in the formulation of research questions, and identification of key and relevant vocabulary. By the end of this topic you should be able to:

  • Design a research question that applies the six properties of a good research question as identified by Foss and Waters (see the background reading in Topic 1.1 and watch the video in Topic 1.2.

Applying the content to your resource log

As you progress through this topic, consider, and refer to the requirements of the resource log and apply your learning to each question.

Resource Log

Your research question (15 marks)

  1. Write ONE research question for your area of research demonstrating the 6 properties identified by Foss & Waters [See Topic 1].
  2. List your theoretical construct/s from within your question and discuss their recognisability.
  3. Explain how your research question addresses the remaining four properties identified by Foss & Waters: Transcends the data, Significance, The capacity to surprise, Robust.