Module 8: Knowledge check

Knowledge Check

Resource log

Your data management strategy (15 marks)

  1. Describe your data. Include the format and scope of your research data [See Module 8.1].
    E.g. Activity = your collection method or research activity e.g. a focus group; data collected in a focus group might include video footage in .mpeg, transcription in .pdf, thematic analysis done in NVivo in .npv. Include information about how much data (ie the scope), you will collect.
  2. Outline your plans to securely store and back-up your data [See Module 8.3]
  3. Identify and discuss three types of contextual information (metadata) that help to make data F.A.I.R. [See Module 8.3 and Module 8.5].
    E.g. Types of metadata include descriptive, rights etc.
  4. Discuss the administrative, commercial, legal and/or ethical considerations related to storing and sharing research data.
    E.g. accurate description of data, file format, data structures, storage location, etc. Documenting conditions such as: ownership, copyright, re-use licence conditions. Also privacy and access control considerations.
  5. Identify how long your data is legally required to be retained after completion of your research project/thesis. Refer to the Data retention obligations and provide your reasoning as to how this applies to your research data. [See Module 8.6]
    Consult the relevant section in the ‘Guidelines for the Management of Research Data at QUT’.

Answer the resource log question for Module 8: Managing data.