Specialist research software

QUT provides access to various specialist research software programs. To install specialist research software, go to Software downloads and explore the various categories to find the relevant programs.

Online research support

Find the information you need when you need it through these useful links:

  • Conducting research, including managing your references, copyright and intellectual property, research ethics and integrity and a whole lot more.
  • Training and workshops - these workshops and modules will help you improve your research skills, develop transferable skills and engage with industry. Complete our HDR skills audit to help choose the right modules for you.
  • QUT cite|write is an introductory guide to citing, referencing and academic writing and is suitable for understanding and applying basic referencing and citing rules. However, as a researcher with more advanced requirements for publishing and attribution, you will need to refer to specific style guides for your discipline.
  • Get individual help, including candidature support, Library support, consultations, research data support, writing support and a host of other assistance.

Activity – Engage with QUT Library or eResearch

Book a study room, enrol in a class or access an online resource to further your research skills.