Organising the literature

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Learning objectives

This module outlines the facilities and software available at QUT to assist you with organising and managing your source material and notes. By the end of this module you would have considered:

  • the assistance that is available to you at QUT
  • an organisational structure to manage the literature you are collecting
  • file and information management features of bibliographic software
  • coding the literature according to your research question concepts
  • writing and organising your notes.

Applying the content to your resource log

As you progress through this module, consider, and refer to the requirements of the resource log and apply your learning to each question.

Resource Log

Organising the literature (10 marks)

  1. Name, describe and evaluate a bibliographic management software application that might be useful to you for your research, then list the advantages and disadvantages. [See Module 7.2].
  2. Identify areas of literature relevant to answering your research question, and list the codes you will use to categorise and organise your literature, e.g. Area: Knowledge management, Code: KM. [See Foss & Waters (2007) and Module 7.3].
  3. Describe method/s you might use to:
    1. make useful notes
    2. organise your notes to access and use your ideas and research findings [See Module 7.4].