Cited reference search

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Learning objectives

This module describes search tools that allow cited reference searching, outlines the consequent ability to compare and analyse the literature, and includes an activity using some key search tools. By the end of the module you will:

  • use cited reference searching to find other relevant resources.

Applying the content to your resource log

As you progress through this module, consider, and refer to the requirements of the resource log and apply your learning to each question.

Resource Log

Cited reference search (6 marks)

  1. Choose and identify a referencing style appropriate to your discipline.
    1. Find and identify an academic journal article relevant to your research area, ensure this is over 2 years old and been cited.
    2. Reference this article correctly, according to the referencing style identified in 6 a).
  2. Use a citation database to find the number of citations the cited article has.