Comprehensive search

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Learning objectives

This module overviews the mechanics of comprehensive searching, and in doing so, outlines search techniques (syntax) to develop effective search statements, provides tips and resources for selecting appropriate databases and includes an activity to practice advanced searching in databases. By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • search the literature systematically and comprehensively by formulating effective search statements using appropriate databases and advanced search techniques.

Applying the content to your resource log

As you progress through this module, consider, and refer to the requirements of the resource log and apply your learning to each question.

Resource Log

Comprehensive search (15 marks)

  1. Nominate two databases highly relevant to your research.
  2. Show two effective search statements that you have used when searching each of the databases with each statement demonstrating two distinct search techniques. Module 4.1.
  3. Across the entire activity you must demonstrate six distinct search techniques [See Module 4.2].
  4. For each search statement give the number of results obtained.
  5. Using the criteria outlined in Module 4.1, identify the strengths and limitations of the database in terms of its relevance to your research question, content and functionality.