Academic integrity

At QUT, we are committed to creating and fostering an environment that encourages and rewards academic integrity, and ensuring that you have clear guidance and assistance so you can follow these principles.

What are the principles at QUT?

As a QUT student, you are committed to maintaining high academic standards to protect the value of QUT qualifications for all graduates. In practice, this means ensuring that all assessment items are approached and completed with the highest standards of academic integrity. Any actions or practice which defeats the purpose of assessment is regarded as a failure to maintain academic integrity. This involves representing another person's ideas or work as your own (plagiarism), including resubmitting your own work for another assessment item (self-plagiarism) or cheating in examinations.

Why is detecting and penalising plagiarism important at QUT?

If you plagiarise intentionally or otherwise in assessment items, you're not providing appropriate evidence of the learning undertaken in the degree. Members of an academic community who plagiarise undermine the value of the knowledge generated by that community - it gives the university a bad name as well as the other students who attend. Allowing you to obtain a degree with plagiarised assessment lowers the overall quality of the University's graduates and undermines the value of the qualifications offered and the achievements of other students.

See QUT cite|write: Academic integrity for more information.