Publication metrics

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Learning objectives

This module first distinguishes between research impact and research metrics. Second it provides an overview of both quantitative and qualitative measures (metrics) used to assess research output, identifies the tools that can supply the measures and how to derive them. At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • access and search relevant citation indexes to discover the metrics associated with the use of scholarly work, author level metrics and those that indicate quality journals.

Applying the content to your resource log

As you progress through this module, consider, and refer to the requirements of the resource log and apply your learning to each question.

Resource log

Publication metrics (14 marks)

  1. In the reference column, list 3 resources (e.g. Journal article, books, conference papers) relevant to your research. Each resource must be formatted consistently in the referencing style you identified in Module 6: Cited reference search.
  2. Briefly (1 sentence maximum) explain the relevance of the reference to your research.
  3. Identify one publication level metric and one article level metric to evidence the impact for each resource.