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Learner stories

Students report that participating in AIRS provides a springboard into life as a new researcher at QUT. Doing AIRS early in their research degree helps to create the necessary frameworks to navigate the QUT environment. AIRS also offers the opportunity to build both professional and social networks and a community of practice.

“I appreciate the fact that this unit has taken a modern approach to its delivery of content, making it all self-driven, online, and available at any time whilst still providing the option for students to attend offline workshops.”

Learner videos

Students from each faculty talk about beginning their HDR journey and their impressions of the AIRS course.

Homaira Semeen - QUT Business School


Watch the video: IFN001 AIRS - Homaira Semeen (PhD Candidate - School of Business) (YouTube video, 1m36s)

Andrew Thomson and Gina Masterton - Creative Industry Faculty and Faculty of Law


Watch the video: IFN001 AIRS - Students' perspective (YouTube video, 3m24s)

Nadia Bashir - Science and Engineering Faculty


Watch the video: IFN001 AIRS - Nadia Bashir (PhD Candidate - Science and Engineering Faculty) (YouTube video, 2m01s)