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AIRS Email: - For general enquiries about the unit, pathways of engagement, structure, due dates, resources or grades.

Consultation: Liaison Librarian - Email and appointment for discipline specific questions and clarification of requirements of individual assessment questions.


How do I enrol in IFN001?

Enrolment occurs automatically from commencement, providing IFN001 is a unit requirement for your course.

How do I register for Workshops?

From the menu bar above, click on "Your workshops" and book to register.

Do the Workshops need to be taken in order?

The optional workshops stand alone and can be completed out of order or sequentially. However, the workshops do take a systematic logical approach, starting with the research question in AIRS 1, progressing to search effectiveness and efficiencies based on the research question in AIRS 2, to information and data management in AIRS 3, and then publishing, impact and funding in AIRS 4.

Can I do IFN001: AIRS if I'm not enrolled in a QUT course?

AIRS is (1) an open source set of online modules and resources in research skills and knowledge, and (2) The QUT unit IFN001. As someone not enrolled in a QUT course requiring IFN001, everything on the website is available to you. You can engage in the 12 modules and use the learning resources in video, MP3 and PDF. You could even complete the resources log according to the marking criteria to track your progress. However assessment and therefore accreditation is not available, unless you are or will also be enrolled in QUT course with the unit IFN001.

How long will the unit take?

IFN001 is a 4 credit point unit. The estimated time to engage with the unit readings, learning resources and completing the assessment is approximately 48 hours.

When is the assessment due?

The assessment can be completed in 3 months, with extra leeway of up to 6 months from the date of commencement into your course. It is advised to complete the assessment within 3 months as it will assist development of essential foundational skills and capabilities which will help to complete your literature review/Stage 2.

The exact due date of your assignment will be emailed to you soon after course commencement.

How long will the marking take?

We commit to return of the completed grading sheet within a month of receipt.

When will the grade be made official after having the grading sheet returned?

IFN001: AIRS teaching and assessment occurs across semesters. If your official enrolment is in a current semester, the grade received will become official shortly after the end of the semester. If your official enrolment was in the previous semester, the grade will become official soon after receiving the grading sheet.

What does it mean when in my Academic Record in Virtual it says "AT" next to the unit IFN001?

A status of AT next to a unit in your Academic Record means assessment is still to be received. This happens because teaching and assessment for IFN001 occurs across semesters when your assessment due date is after the end of the semester you are enrolled in. When the assignment is submitted and marked, the "AT" will be replaced by the grade.

Can I be excused from doing IFN001?

IFN001 is a mandatory coursework unit for IF49 and a number of Masters by Research courses. Exemptions are granted to those students who have previously completed IFN001.