Transcript - Learner Stories - Nadia Bashir (Science and Engineering Faculty)

[Caption] Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia.

[Caption] IFN001 AIRS Advanced Information Research Skills -

I'm from the Faculty of Science & Engineering and I am assessing the impacts of disasters on road networks.

In the wake of the 2011 floods in Brisbane, me and my supervisors, we thought it was important to assess the impacts on road networks and identify the critical links and improve them to minimise the damages in future floods, if any.

Before I enrolled into the AIRS course I thought of it as any other regular course offered by the university, but then when I attended one of the workshops I was hooked up to the course and then I made sure that I attended all the four workshops.

When I started my PHD, me and my supervisors we just had a broad idea of what we were trying to do. The AIRS workshop helped us in developing the research questions and the research topic in a better way which could be understood by the layman and the professionals in the field. Because I came from the industry and I was stepping foot into the academic life and I had no idea how to write research papers and how to look for the articles for referencing in my papers.

So the AIRS course helped me through every stage of my candidature.

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