Transcript - Learner Stories - Andrew Thomson (Creative Industry Faculty) & Gina Masterton (Faculty of Law)

[Caption] Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia.

[Caption] IFN001 AIRS Advanced Information Research Skills -

[Andrew Thomson, Master of Fine Art (Practice-Led)] So, I'm a professional staff member at QUT in the Creative Industries Faculty and eLearning Services and as part of that work I've done a number of little research projects.

[Gina Masterton, Master of Law (Research)] I graduated from QUT in 2000, became a barrister the same year. My masters thesis has been on international parental child abduction.

[Andrew] When I started I hadn't written anything really since I was in high school. It is intimidating because you feel that everyone else must know how to do this and you don't.

[Gina] you do feel like you're a little bit of an outsider but once I came into the AIRS course and there were people from various backgrounds and various ages and various cultures, I felt very welcomed and much more confident about what I was going to start doing.

[Andrew] For me I found the AIRS programme really useful and taught me a lot of stuff that I, you know, would not have been able to just necessarily come across on my own.

[Gina] It helped me set goals, as far as what kind of research I wanted to do. It helped me think about my topic much more deeply and to refocus and really pinpoint what I wanted to say in my main arguments, and then I had to think about how I was going to find the material to support and argue for and against.

[Andrew] In going through the AIRS course I did it face to face by going to the workshops which I found really awesome. A lot of it, you see, helps you work around matching those sort of things and processes you might do, in the way you might manage your data, as related to your question and the workshops have that sort of slant of making it relevant to your research question as well. You get to see lots of different ways of looking at the research problem that you have, in how you conduct it and lots of other people have good ideas too.

[Gina] I have built on those skills and enhanced them. It broadened my education as far as researching, it kind of took me to different places and took me deeper into the research databases. I'm storing data a lot better.

[Andrew] And my software systems to manage that stuff is much better organised in a way that kind of sustains itself and the research practice - so it makes it easy to just, you know, get going without just randomly looking at things and hoping that something forms - you have a bit of a strategy to work through different things you need to do.

[QUT's Data Management Planning Tool is shown - with a few quick clicks we see a data management plan created.]

[Andrew] All of these things you sort of don't really realise when you start but are really important to your research process and strategies and avenues for what you do with it, and the AIRS programme covers off on all of that.

[Gina] I would go back to thinking about what I'd learned and that would help me during the process - every few months where I came to a little bit of a stumbling block. I personally came a couple of times, because you're getting so much out of it and like I said the instructors make it 1000 percent worthwhile.

[Andrew] I think it's absolutely essential if you're a higher degree student.

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[Caption] Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia.

[Caption] IFN001 AIRS Advanced Information Research Skills -

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