Transcript - Learner Stories - Homaira Semeen - QUT Business School

[Caption] Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia.

[Caption] IFN001 AIRS Advanced Information Research Skills -

I'm from Business School, School of Accountancy. I'm nearly completing my PhD.

I hope to submit my thesis this month. My PhD is looking at accounting control, use of accounting control in fair trade supply chain. I found AIRS very helpful.

The surprising element was that I didn't know what I didn't know when I undertook master's at the same school I got some basic understanding of how to do a research project, how to do research. So I thought AIRS might not be that helpful. But interestingly, I got to know that I didn't know a lot of things about how to find the right articles or the channels where to publish in the conference's, how to manage my data and secure them and the important thing is that the blended module like the face to face class and the online module was very helpful because now I can use that as a quick reference point whenever I need it.

At the very little later stage now, when I am planning about writing articles and attending conferences, AIRS modules are still helping me to find out the right articles and the conference's where I can attend and it's a quick reference point. It's a very good reference point which I can use to talk to my supervisors and make a plan for the rest of my journey.

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