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Submission of the Resource Log is required prior to your Stage 2 or research proposal.

If special circumstances are preventing you from submitting your Resource Log by its due date, you can apply for an extension. These circumstances may include:

  • health conditions
  • family or personal circumstances
  • employment-related circumstances
  • unavoidable commitments.

If you require an extension and meet any of the circumstances above, please submit your request through Do not apply through HiQ.

Unit outline Top

Full details of IFN001 Advanced Information Research Skills are available in the unit outline.

Resource log Top

Description: The Resource Log is designed to assess your understanding and application of the skills and concepts you have learned in the unit, and provide a record of resources and strategies for your future reference.

Weight: 100%. You will receive a grade for IFN001 based on your mark out of 100 for the Resource Log.

Word limit: The word limit listed in the Resource Log is a guide only. There are no deductions for being over the word limit but we encourage you to answer the questions clearly and succinctly.

Due date

The due date for your assessment is based on when you commenced your course of study and your mode of study. That is, for full-time students, the IFN001 assessment is to be submitted no later than three months from the commencement date of your course, whilst part-time students have six months from the date of commencement into your course. You will receive a Welcome email from the AIRS Coordination team with your specific due date.

We recommend you complete the assessment as early as possible to gain the maximum benefit in preparing your literature review.

Please email us at with any queries about your assessment.


  1. Download the AIRS Assessment documents: Go to the IFN001 AIRS Blackboard community site by going to QUT Blackboard, scroll down to the 'Community' widget and select the link that corresponds to your year of enrolment, e.g. IFN001_AIRS_2021. Click to enter. Both the AIRS Resource Log and Criteria Sheet are located on the Assessment page.
  2. Reflect on your existing skills and capabilities, determine your study mode, engage with the resources online and/or book into workshops and plan your workload.
  3. Complete the answers according to the question requirements of the assessment template and note the answer prompts.
  4. Consult the assessment criteria for more information about the resource log requirements.
  5. Submit the work to the IFN001 AIRS Blackboard community site:
    1. Go to the IFN001 AIRS Blackboard community site by going to QUT Blackboard, scroll down to the 'Community' widget and select the link that corresponds to your year of enrolment, e.g. IFN001_AIRS_2021.
    2. Go to Assessment and read the Academic Integrity information. Confirm you have read this by clicking 'Mark Reviewed'.
    3. Confirm that you have also commenced your self-assessment in the HDR Skills Assessment tool by clicking 'Mark Reviewed'. The link for the Resource Log Submission link will then appear.
    4. Click on Resource Log submission link.
    5. Submit a single Word or PDF file using the filenaming convention: AIRS_Familyname_Personalname_yyyy_mm_dd, where the date is the actual date of submission.


Watch the video: IFN001 AIRS: Resource Log Submission Guidelines (YouTube video, 1min)

Help with your resource log

Attend an IFN001 AIRS Q&A Session for targeted help with your resource log.

Contact your Liaison Librarian by email or for consultation by appointment for discipline specific questions or clarification of requirements for particular questions.

Increase your network and engage with other students by using the AIRS Yammer group. If you have questions or comments about the resources or the AIRS curriculum, or simply want to connect with other students who are at the same stage of their research journey - Yammer might work for you.

Further information

If you are external to QUT and wish to find out more information about the AIRS assessment, please email the AIRS Coordination Team.