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Welcome to IFN001 Advanced Information Research Skills. For an overview of what you can expect as a student in this unit, please watch the Welcome video.

IFN001 is designed to allow flexibility in how you undertake your learning. Under Your learning plan and Your study modes you will find resources to assist you to make informed decisions about where to focus your studies, and whether you attend the optional workshops or complete the unit entirely online. Under Your learning resources you will find all your learning materials for both online and workshop modes. All assessment information can be found under Your assessment.

IFN001 is now part of the Advance pathway of Graduate Research Education & Development.
Advance - skills to assist in the contextualisation, analysis and advancement of research.

However you decide to study the unit, remember support is available. You can email us at

Advanced Information Research Skills - AIRS

Do it early! Do it well! Do it your way!

Your peers say

Students report that participating in AIRS provides a springboard into life as a new researcher at QUT. Doing AIRS early in their research degree helps to create the necessary frameworks to navigate the QUT environment. AIRS also offers the opportunity to build both professional and social networks and a community of practice.

“The mixture of in-class and online modules really helps with the delivery of the content. Face-to-face workshops were really helpful, and I definitely gained some important skills from them.”

“I appreciate the fact that this unit has taken a modern approach to its delivery of content, making it all self-driven, online, and available at any time whilst still providing the option for students to attend offline workshops.”

“This unit has given me more knowledge and confidence to tackle my research head-on and achieve more success with my milestones.”

Students' perspective

Andrew and Gina talk about beginning their Masters by research, and their impressions of the AIRS course.


Your learning plan

All students are required to demonstrate their skills across all of the content of IFN001 by completing the Resource Log assessment.

You can use this diagnostic tool to highlight those areas where you already have significant skills and those where you may need to engage more deeply with the Learning Resources before completing the relevant parts of the Resource Log.

Saving your results

Once you have completed the survey you can select the Create PDF option to save your results as a PDF file.

Question 1

Question text goes here

Your study modes

AIRS can be undertaken fully online, by attending workshops or a combination of the two. You can do AIRS your way – it’s your choice!

Your workshops

There are four optional workshops. If you would like to attend any or all of these, please register. Remember to consult the online material related to each workshop available under Your learning resources.

Register for workshops

Your learning resources

Here you will find all the online learning resources you need to complete the Resource Log assessment. Refer back to Your learning plan to focus your study. Remember you can also attend optional workshops.

Your assessment

Resource log

Description: The Resource Log is designed to assess your understanding and application of the skills and concepts you have learned in the unit, and provide a record of resources and strategies for your future reference.

Weight: 100%. You will receive a grade for IFN001 based on your mark out of 100 for the Resource Log.

Word limit: The word limit listed in the Resource Log is a guide only. There are no deductions for being over the word limit but we encourage you to answer the questions clearly and succinctly.

Due date

The due date for your assessment is based on when you commenced your course of study and your mode of study. That is, for full-time students, the IFN001 assessment is to be submitted no later than three months from the commencement date of your course, whilst part-time students have six months from the date of commencement into your course. You will receive a Welcome email from the AIRS Coordination team with your specific due date.

We recommend you complete the assessment as early as possible to gain the maximum benefit in preparing your literature review.

Please email us at with any queries about your assessment.


  1. Download the AIRS Assessment documents: Resource log template (MS WORD, 270KB) Assessment criteria (PDF, 823KB)
  2. Reflect on your existing skills and capabilities, determine your study mode, engage with the resources online and/or book into workshops and plan your workload.
  3. Fill out the Student information box. Note for "Would you like feedback on your work?", if you answer "Yes" the marker will provide written comments on your resource log. If you answer "No" or give no indication the marker will assume you do not want any written comments.
  4. Complete the answers according to the question requirements of the assessment template and note the answer prompts.
  5. Consult the assessment criteria for more information about the resource log requirements.
  6. View the Tips for completing your AIRS Resource Log (PDF, 549KB) .
  7. Submit the work as a single Word or PDF file by email to
  8. Please use the filenaming convention: AIRS_Familyname_Personalname_yyyy_mm_dd, where the date is the actual date of submission.

Please contact your Liaison Librarian by email or for consultation by appointment for discipline specific questions or clarification of requirements for particular questions.

IFN001 is a 4 credit point unit with an approximate total workload of 48 hours.

We advise that you engage early with the unit as the content will help to develop foundational research skills and knowledge to progress in your course of study.