Background to cited reference search

Introduction Top

By the end of the module, you will understand the significance of tracking research by cited reference searching and be able to find articles by known authors using cited reference searching, as part of citation searching.

Citation searching

Citation searching includes the process of tracking research backwards in time. Citation searching allows you to track research strands to current practice, identify gaps in the research, and see how often an author or work has been cited. Knowing how often an author has been cited can give an indication of their standing in the field and may help you discern the quality of a paper.

What is Cited Reference Searching? Top

Cited reference searching is the process of tracking research backward and forwards in time. When viewing an article in a citation database, the full citation will list references used by the author to write that paper. From this list you can link to any articles indexed in that database. If an article is not indexed in that database it will not be linked.

  • In practice, you can start with a seminal article by a key author. Cited Reference Searching finds the literature citing that article.
  • Cited Reference Searching finds up to the minute articles and papers for your literature review quickly.
  • Find the listing of your article in a database, then locate the 'Cited by' link, and click to display the literature.

At QUT Library there are a number of citation databases available, including:

  • Google Scholar Google Scholar allows linking under any item listing to 'Cited by' articles, and has a 'Search within citing articles' option.
  • Scopus Scopus allows a simple 'Cited by' as well as advanced options. Online tutorial: Cited Reference Searching
  • Web of Science Web of Science allows a simple 'Times Cited' as well as a comprehensive Cited Reference Search.

    Watch the video: Cited Reference Search (YouTube video, 4m56s)
  • IEEE Xplore IEEE Xplore for electrical engineering, computer science and electronics, provides 'Cited by' searching and 'Citation Map' navigation.
  • IEEE Xplore CiteSeer focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerX provides autonomous citation indexing, statistics and context.

Summary Top

Cited reference searching is a method for searching databases that allows you to track research backwards to original authors, and forwards as the research develops. Cited reference searching is available in some standard bibliographic databases but the main citation tools available at QUT are: Scopus, Web of Science, QUT ePrints, Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, IEEE/IEE Electronic Library and CiteSeer.