Database types

Introduction Top

This section covers specialised resource types including research methodologies, reference, eBooks, newspapers, magazines and trade journals, conference papers, multimedia, business databases, forecasting tools, evidence-based health resources, statistics, property/real estate databases, geographic information systems, patents and standards, education databases, legal resources and archives.

Research methodologies Top

  • Sage Research Methods Online Sage Research Methods Online contains book, journal and reference content to help researchers design research projects, understand methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up their findings. Focusing on methodology, it can be used across the social sciences, health sciences, and other disciplines.

Reference Top

QUT Library Find Databases has Dictionaries, Directories and Encyclopedias. Oxford Reference Online is a searchable database which brings together over two million entries from Oxford Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias and Companions.

eBooks Top

QUT Library has collections of eBooks such as the EBL Ebook Library and ENGnetBASE.

Conference papers

Conference papers provide a timely means of disseminating fast-breaking research. Due to their immediacy, they are more important to certain disciplines than others. A number of databases contain conference papers that report on recent research, work in process, as well as commentary on industry trends. Keep in mind that preliminary findings may not have been through rigorous testing or peer review processes.

Databases which index conferences include IEEE Xplore Digital Library, PsycEXTRA, and Web of Science. To find others go to the QUT Find Database page and search with the keyword conference.

Find databases page (use the Search for a database form with the word conferences)

Multimedia (Video, Sound) Top

QUT Library has collections of videos and music.

  • Trove Trove contains Australian music, photos and films
  • British Pathé British Pathé contains British films from 1896 to 1976
  • The Internet Archive The Internet Archive has texts, moving images, audio, software and archived web pages from 1996. It features a Live Music Archive with the performances of thousands of artists.

Business databases Top

Business databases include industry reports, country economic data and national statistics, bonds, equities, mergers and acquisitions, property economics, mutual funds, and datasets of ticker data.

  • ABI/Inform Global (via ProQuest) ABI/Inform Global (via ProQuest) is one of the largest databases in the world covering information related to business.
  • Worldscope Fundamentals (via Thomson Reuters) Worldscope Fundamentals (via Thomson Reuters) contains historical company information.
  • Orbis Orbis contains information on private and public companies worldwide.
  • Osiris Osiris contains information on publicly listed companies worldwide and forecasting information.
  • Morningstar Direct Morningstar Direct contains investment information for sector analysis, performance evaluation, investment selection, and portfolio creation. Large amounts of this quantitative data can be downloaded and manipulated.

Forecasting tools Top

Financial forecasting databases include Osiris.

Evidence-based databases health resources Top

Health evidence based databases include systematic reviews, critically appraised resources, randomised controlled trials and case studies.

Statistics Top

QUT Library has statistics databases with country, economic, financial, health, industry and market statistics. QUT Library also has access to opinion polls and survey results.

Property databases Top

Property Investment Professional is an Australian property investment research service.

Geographic Information Systems Top

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent complex analyses of geographical data in a highly visual style.

  • eBimap eBimap is the Brisbane City Council's online mapping service for urban planning and design providing Brisbane land, property and assets information.

Patent and standards fulltext databases Top

QUT Library has standards databases.

Education databases Top

  • ERIC ERIC is the largest education literature database in the world.
  • The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE) provides strategic information for higher education policy makers about future transnational higher education initiatives.
  • Scootle Scootle provides teachers and education students with access to digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Law databases Top

Law databases contain primary resources including caselaw and legislation for Australian and international jurisdictions, as well as legal commentary and reference tools.

  • LexisNexis AU LexisNexis AU provides online access to Australian legal materials published by LexisNexis Butterworths.
  • Westlaw AU Westlaw AU includes legal research titles as well as looseleaf services, full text journals published by Thomson Reuters, law reports and unreported judgments.

Summary Top

Databases contain a wide range of resources including documents, images, videos, statistics, dictionaries, eBooks, datasets, legal resources, business and research methodologies. Use QUT subscription databases, free databases and other Library databases for your research.

If after completing this section you’d like more advice on databases for your research, talk to your Liaison Librarian or ask us for help. You may also let your librarian know if there are additional databases you would like QUT Library to acquire for your research.