Create a good research question

Activity - create a good research question Top

Draft a research question that incorporates each of the six principles outlined above. Some of the following structures might be helpful:

  • What is the nature of …?
  • How do … differ?
  • What are the functions of …?
  • How do … perceive?
  • What factors affect …?
  • What strategies are used …?
  • How do … respond?
  • How do … affect?
  • What are the effects of …?
  • How are … defined?
  • Under what conditions do …?
  • What is the relationship between …?
  • What are the mechanisms by which …?

Discuss your research question with your supervisory team and make sure they approve it before you start accumulating too many articles and books. Write down your research question at the start of your resource log. By the end of AIRS, you will most likely have altered your research question considerably, which reflects your research journey and your increasingly sophisticated understanding of your topic.

Summary Top

Writing your research question is one of the first things to focus on when you begin your research journey. Your question identifies your contribution to research, has the capacity to surprise and can produce robust results. A good research question scaffolds your entire research project and keeps you excited on the journey.