Welcome to AIRS video - transcript

This is a transcript of the video "Welcome to AIRS", hosted on YouTube.


IFN001: Advanced Information Research Skills - AIRS - has supported higher degree research students for over 25 years.

AIRS is a core component of your studies, with a focus on developing your foundational skills and capabilities which are integral to your ongoing, research career.

AIRS guides you through your research process, starting with your research question and then supporting your higher degree experience.

The way in which you engage with AIRS content is flexible and up to you. You choose the ways in which you undertake your learning.

Online and workshop options are available, supported by supplementary resources.

On the AIRS website you will find all the unit content including learning modules, recorded workshops and details about the assessment. AIRS provides grounding in research processes with practical tools to support you.

AIRS is a graded unit, requiring just one item of assessment - a Resource Log, which demonstrates your readiness to research, manage data, and critically evaluate information.

From the time of commencement into your higher degree course, you have up to six months to complete the assessment.

You can evaluate your current skills and knowledge of advanced research strategies under Your learning plan. The feedback will guide you to the content you should focus on. As you develop your skills and capabilities you can apply them to your resource log and move on.

Optional face to face workshops support the unit content. To find out your preferred method of study, take the short self-assessment under Your study modes.

The earlier you complete the unit, the earlier you develop the skills required to complete your Stage 2 proposal, an understanding of your responsibilities as a researcher at QUT; and lifelong foundational best practice research capabilities.

Advanced Information Research Skills:

Do it early

Do it well; and

Do it your way.