Andrew Thomson and Gina Masterton

Andrew (Master of Fine Art (Practice-Led)) and Gina (Master of Law (Research)) talk about beginning their Masters by research, and their impressions of the AIRS course.


Anne Matthew

AIRS was informative and useful. I must admit that I didn't think I would get much out of AIRS, but I'm very glad I did this unit. I left every workshop armed with new skills and information that I could immediately use.

I had already written my research question, but it's a lot better after workshop 1. I had some alerts set up, but after workshop 2 I now have table of contents alerts for leading journals in my field, better and more effective search alerts and have looked over my search efforts to date with a critical eye.

I was particularly skeptical about preparing the research journal for assessment. Yet, the process of articulating my workflow was surprisingly helpful in revealing the things I am doing well, and where there is room for significant improvement. A lot of thought has clearly been put in to the delivery of this unit and how to best provide information to students.

Anne Matthew, Associate Lecturer and PhD student, Faculty of Law

Rod Watton

After completing several post-graduate qualifications, I thought that my research skills were exceptional. However, my attendance and participation in the Advanced Information Research Skills (AIRS) program really opened my eyes in regards to undertaking advanced levels of research. After undertaking the program I have extended my areas of research and automated a significant number of searches, saving me an extraordinary amount of time.

The wonderful teaching team at AIRS where extremely helpful and patient during the delivery of the program and provided opportunities for me to put into practice the lessons learned during each session. I attended the program in order of delivery and found this most helpful. The program was taught using the resource log ensuring that each exercise could be incorporated into the assessment requirements of the program.

Although I have undertaken a significant amount of study externally, I found that it was most valuable to attend the program. I would strongly recommend that all students undertaking research studies attend the AIRS program delivered through the QUT library.

Rod Watton, Sessional Academic and PhD student, Science and Engineering Faculty

Richard Willis

As a Doctorate candidate, the AIRS workshops provided valuable information and were an enjoyable experience. For any new student, I recommend you complete the AIRS workshops as soon as possible as they will significantly assist you with your studies.

Richard Willis, Casual Academic and PhD student, Science and Engineering Faculty

Dedy Wiredja

I enjoyed attending the AIRS workshops and working on the assessment. AIRS has made my PhD journey much easier, especially as I have been out of school for 15 years. The content covers a range of aspects; not only search strategy (my original expectation), but also data management, publishing, and research impact.

Dedy Wiredja, PhD student, Creative Industry Faculty