AIRS Website Enhancement 2016

It is with great pleasure that the enhanced AIRS website has been launched to provide an even more individualised approach to student learning where students will be able to determine strengths and gaps in their existing research skills and knowledge and adapt learning appropriate to their needs.

Jenny Hall, Project Leader

Sue Hutley, Project Sponsor

Kim Lewin, Project Owner

Emma Somogyi, Project Manager and Learning Designer

Project team - Jenny Hall, Emma Somogyi, Annette Sondergeld, Judith Peacock

AIRS technical and design team - Emma Somogyi, Learning Designer, Liam Moushall, Graphic Designer, Alex Anguix, Multimedia Developer and Web Designer, Craig O'Neil, Web Coordinator

Welcome video production - Sam Weingott, Senior Producer/Director, Sascha Shipley, Camera, David Loose, Sound Design, Tama Enright, Edit / Animation

Assessment Presentation - Sharron Stapleton, Liaison Librarian - voice over, Alex Anguix, Multimedia Developer and Web Designer

AIRS Redevelopment 2012

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals their valuable contributions to the AIRS Redevelopment, Kate Devitt Project Manager, 2012

Steering committee - Vicki McDonald, Martin Borchert, Judith Peacock

Project team - Kate Devitt, Susan Gasson, Judith Peacock, Peter Fell, Alice Steiner, Stephanie Bradbury

Curriculum development - Alice Steiner, Stephanie Bradbury, Judith Peacock, Kate Devitt, Kate Harbison, Emma Nelms, Jennifer Thomas, Paula Callan, Susan Gasson, Vicki McDonald, Martin Borchert, Peter Fell

AIRS technical and design team - Matthew Kerwin, Craig O'Neil, Liam Moushall, Ella Chiu, Elleina Andrews, Sharon Johnstone, Mark Gregson, Caroline Gauld, Irena Koszarycz

.mp3 production - Greg Winslett, David Loose, Kate Devitt, Alice Steiner, Stephanie Bradbury, Marco Fahmi, Siobhann McCafferty, Sarah Brown, Peter Fell, Paula Callan

AIRS consultations - Jennifer Warburton, Annah Healy, Stephen Towers, Karen Nelson, Judy Stokker, Paul Burnett, Wendy Harper, Bergita Shannon, Emma Somogyi, Julian Kapitzke, Richard Evans

The AIRS 2012 Redevelopment has been a truly collaborative, innovative, energising and challenging project. I am incredibly grateful for the enthusiasm, support, advice, openness to new ideas, efficiency, adaptively, patience and dedication of everyone involved. AIRS is a testament to QUT Library's priority to invest in high quality, intuitive, openly accessible eLearning information and research skills resources for all.

Kate Devitt - Project Manager, AIRS Redevelopment, 2012

AIRS Online 2004

As Project Coordinator, I would like to personally thank all the staff involved for contributing the highest degree of professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm to the development of AIRS Online. The high quality of the final product is a tribute to the individual staff involved, and a true reflection of the significant role QUT Library undertakes in facilitating the achievement of QUT's learning, teaching and research goals and outcomes.

Judith Peacock - Information Literacy Coordinator

The AIRS Online course has been developed with the expert guidance and assistance of an extended team of highly dedicated and professional Library staff, including:

AIRS Online Development Team: Stages I-II (2002-2003)

  • AIRS Librarian: Peter Fell
  • Project Officer: Stephanie Bradbury (Liaison Librarian/Humanities and Human Services)
  • Computing Systems Officer: Glen Cook
  • Library Systems Officer: Kurt Vollmerhause
  • Library Systems Officer: Ursula Then
  • Library Systems Officer: Michelle Conkas
  • Project Coordinator: Judith Peacock.

AIRS Online Development Team: Stage III (2004)

  • Project Manager: Robyn Tweedale
  • AIRS Librarian: Peter Fell
  • Library Systems Officer: Michelle Conkas
  • Library Systems Officer: Kurt Vollmerhause
  • Computing Systems Officer: Julian Kapitzke
  • Visual/Multimedia Designer: Tim Robinson
  • Project Coordinator: Judith Peacock.

The Development Teams would like to acknowledge also the invaluable contribution of the following individuals and/or support teams, from across the University, to the development of AIRS Online:

  • Web interface design: QUT Web Solutions
  • Learning platform (OLT) integration: OLT Support Team/ QUT Teaching & Learning Support Services (TALSS)
  • Instructional design (assessment technology): Meredith Godat (TALSS)
  • Assessment consultation (design and criteria): Patricia Kelly (Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast and QUT/Faculty BEE)
  • Video production: Educational TV unit/ TALSS
  • AIRS Librarian (half-time): Graham Dawson (Liaison Librarian/ Engineering)
  • Additional technical support and guidance: Library Systems Group, including Manager/ Sarah Fredline
  • Staff release and replacement: Branch Managers and Reference Services Managers

QUT Library also particularly wishes to acknowledge:

  • the contribution of the many QUT HRD students and librarians who participated in focus groups and/or usability testing, for their valuable time and thoughtful feedback
  • Professor Rod Wissler (Deputy Vice-Chancellor/ Research and Commercialisation, & Director/ Research & Research Training), as well as Susan Gasson (Coordinator - Research Students Centre), the Research Degrees Committee and the QUT Office of Research & Research Training, for their ongoing guidance and support with governance and procedural matters relating to the development and management of AIRS:IFN001, including AIRS Online
  • University of Washington, for their generous permission to use and adapt original source coding for a number of Flash visualisations used in the courseware. These activities [2.3.1; 3.10] are derived from content and design elements developed for Research 101 by UWill, University of Washington Libraries, copyright 2000-2003. They are used here by permission.
  • University of Illinois Online for kind permission to adapt their Chat FAQs and Chat "tips & tricks".